Artist Series: Krusty Jane

We were fortunate enough to get to collaborate with the talented Krusty Jane for this pair of Artist Series socks - seriously over the moon to create such a rad pair. Here's a short interview with the artist!

BUMMERLAND: Hey Kristy! Tell us a little about yourself!

KRUSTY JANE: I’m a textile artist, an almost a CPT and ‘Rainbow Demon’ (Uriah Heep)

woman with sunglasses and hat posing for a selfie

BL: What are some of the influences for your work?

KJ: I’m influenced by fashion and super graphics of the 1970’s. I’m also a massive fan of sci-if fantasy novels and movies as well. I like to combine throwback rainbow vibes in with fantastical things I read about in books.

My favorite author of all time is Ursula K LeGuin and movies that I grew up on and influence me forever are Legend, Willow, Return to Oz and Labyrinth.

BL: What are some of your other hobbies? Any good music you're listening to? 

KJ: I love working out, I feel like my body and mind are better at everything else I wanna do after!

I love yakking, tubing, floating, boating…. Any chance to be on the water….riding bikes, tie-dyeing, houseplants, home decor and collaging too!

For music anything NWOBHM is gonna be a good time, especially ‘Witch Cross’ and ‘Diamond Head.’

I’ve also been enjoying listening to ‘Cigarettes After Sex’ for long tie dye sessions or train rides, lol. Throwing in a little Eddie Murphy, Dolly Parton and Heidecker and Wood. I’m all over the fucking map right now, but it’s fun…. Had a lot of alone time to dabble in all genres during quarantine, haha.

BL: Are there any upcoming projects that we should keep an eye out for? 

KJ: Yes! Crop tops! I have Midnight Rainbow and Color Blocked crop tops with my Skelicorn Logo launching soon!

tye dye crop top hanging on a wooden hanger the top has a yellow sleeve, blue body and pink sleeve

Thank you so much, Krusty Jane for collaborating with us, and to everyone reading this, go buy one of her crop tops or bodysuits HERE- we have one and we love it. And if you're looking for some socks, she might have some left in your size! 

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